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Change to by-laws

Article 8, #2 was recently amended by the Association. The full by-laws are as written below:

By-Laws of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association

The following documents shall be known as the By-Laws of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association (the Association), a non-profit, mutual benefit entity incorporated in the State of Maine. The by-laws are the rules of self-government of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association. These by-laws are the set of rules by which the Association operates on a daily basis, votes and settles disputes that arise from time to time, and are binding on all members associated with the St John Valley Neighborhood Association. If the by-laws are found to be inconsistent with the laws of the State of Maine, then Maine State law will override the inconsistency.
Article One: Name

The name of the organization is the St John Valley Neighborhood Association, hereafter referred to as "the Association."

Article Two: Mission Statement

The St John Valley Neighborhood Association is a forum to connect residents, business and property owners with each other and the City of Portland. Our mission is to create a safe, welcoming, prosperous, and respectful community. We strive to beautify streetscapes, promote local business development and reclaim our streets through calming traffic and improving our pedestrian environment.

Article Three: Objectives

The objectives of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association are to:
  1. Maintain communication with the City of Portland and the District City Councilor.
  2. Represent and advance the interests of all persons or organizations that reside or conduct business in the neighborhood in accordance with the Mission of the Association.
  3. Make information available to all residents on issues vital to the neighborhood by appropriate communications and meetings.
  4. Establish standing and ad-hoc committees to investigate and make recommendations to the association on all matters of neighborhood concern.
  5. Seek the improvement of all properties.
  6. Improve the safety of streets and sidewalks through better traffic control and enforcement of City Ordinances and State Laws.
  7. Work towards development, preservation, and improvement of public and green spaces, parks, trees, landscaping and general land-use management.
  8. Foster an environment of community.
  9. Create and implement a vision through neighborhood planning.
Article Four: Boundaries

The geographic boundaries of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association shall be:

Northern Boundary: Along Interstate 295

Eastern Boundary: Along the Western Promenade, including Maine Medical Center Campus; Congress Street, and Weymouth Street continuing along the north of Hadlock Field to I-295.

Western Boundary: Along the Fore River from Veterans Bridge to I-295.

Southern Boundary: The intersection of Valley Street, Veterans Bridge, and West Commercial.

Article Five: Membership
  1. Membership of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association shall be open to all legal residents, as well as non resident owners of property, without regard to race, gender or beliefs. Every member shall be entitled to equal say and equal vote at all meetings as defined below.
  2. General Membership: Open to all residents as well as one representative of each property owner, business owner, or organization from within the St John Valley Neighborhood and includes the right to speak and vote at all meetings.
  3. Associate Membership: Open to all residents of Portland that are not eligible for General Membership and includes the right to speak at all meetings.
  4. Board of Directors: Open to all General Members through election at the annual Neighborhood Meeting.
Article Six: Voting and Parliamentary Authority

In order to conduct the business of the Association, a quorum of 5 or more members must be present.
  1. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and any special rules of order that the Association may adopt.
  2. An affirmative vote of more than fifty percent of the members present shall be binding on the Association.
  3. Each voting member of the Association shall be entitled to cast one vote in the election of the executive officers and board members of the Association.
  4. Members may attend and participate in any meeting of the Association and of its committees and any other meeting which may be authorized under these by-laws, except when the Board of Directors is in executive session as defined by Maine State Law.
  5. General Members may inspect any records of the Association.
Article Seven: Board of Directors
  1. NUMBER, ELECTION AND TERMS: The Board of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association shall consist of 5 General Members. All elections shall be run by the Election Committee with secret ballots. Board positions all have one-year terms with the option to seek re-election.
  2. The Board's responsibility is accordance with Article Eight and to handle the financial affairs of the organization, including preparation of the annual budget for approval by the General Membership, approval of miscellaneous expenses over one-hundred dollars ($100).
  3. RESIGNATION: Any Board Member who wishes to resign from the Board may indicate in writing to the other board members.
  4. VACANCIES: Vacancies of the Board shall be filled by a General Member for the remainder of the term by the affirmative vote of the majority of all General Members at the next regularly scheduled Neighborhood meeting.
  5. REMOVAL FROM BOARD FOR THREE ABSENCES: Any Director who is absent for three (3) consecutive regular meetings may be removed from the Board. After two (2) consecutive unexcused absences, the Board shall notify the member of their impending removal should another meeting be missed. The Board shall fill any vacancies thus created according to these by-laws.
  6. REMOVAL FROM BOARD THROUGH A VOTE OF NO-CONFIDENCE: The General Membership may remove a Director from the Board with a 2/3 supermajority vote after a 30 day notice is provided to the Board of Directors prior to the meeting when the vote is to be made.

Article Eight: Officers

  1. The officers of the Board of Directors of the St John Valley Neighborhood Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director.
  2. ELECTION AND TERM OF OFFICE: All officers shall be members of the Association, shall be at least 16 years of age and shall be elected for one-year terms. At the annual meeting as the first order of business, nominations shall be taken from the members of the Association for the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director. Nominations require the support of three sitting Directors of the Board to be voted upon. Nominees running unopposed do not need to be voted in by secret ballot. Elections shall be by secret written ballot and shall be opened and counted by the Election Committee. Proxy votes will be accepted for declared candidates. A proxy vote may be cast by a member by notification to a member of the Elections Committee, in writing or electronic transmission, prior to the annual meeting.
  3. The General Membership shall appoint responsibilities to individual members of the board as needed.
  4. The President shall preside at all meetings of the general membership. The President shall be the spokesperson of the Association consistent with the objectives and prior resolutions of the Association. The President shall be charged with setting the meeting agenda prior to the scheduled meeting. The President shall be the liason to the City of Portland. The President shall chair the Board. The President shall work to create and implement the neighborhood plan.
  5. The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President in the President's absence and shall serve as the parliamentarian of the Association. The Vice President shall work with the President to create and implement the neighborhood plan.
  6. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping an accurate written record of all business discussed at meetings of the general membership and for all outside correspondence of the Association. The Secretary shall also have charge of all non-financial books and records of the Association, including the active membership list and maintenance of the by-laws.
  7. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the Association, shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and shall sign for all checks drawn on banking accounts of the Association. The Treasurer is authorized to disperse up to one-hundred ($100) dollars of Association funds. Expenditures greater than one-hundred ($100) dollars requires authorization from the Board.
  8. The Communications Director shall be responsible for public notification of meetings of the Association, the management of all web pages, and for community outreach.

Article Nine: Meetings and Organizations
  1. The Bylaws shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of individuals eligible for General Membership.
  2. Meetings of the Association shall be held once per month, or more often, as set by the Board of Directors.
  3. Notice of all meetings of the Association shall be made public at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
  4. Special meetings may be called by a majority of the Board of Directors.
  5. The fiscal year of the Association shall run from July 1 until June 30. The end of the fiscal year shall be the time for electing officers and Board members, and balancing financial records.
  6. The June meeting is considered the annual meeting of the Association.
  7. By laws may be altered, added, updated, or removed by the approval of two-thirds of the General Members present at any meeting.

Article Ten: Committees

  1. The Election Committee shall handle all activities for elections of the Board of Directors. Candidates for election or re-election cannot be members of the Election Committee. The Election Committee shall consist of three General Members. The Election Committee shall be appointed by a majority of the General Members present at the Annual Meeting.
  2. The General Membership can establish Committees and appoint their membership through popular vote.

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